images of various events produced by PWP

Peter Willis Productions' technical solutions are carefully tailored to engage your audience, fit your budget and deliver the results you need. Our projects span a huge range of scales and styles, from boardroom and press briefing to national sales conference and international congress.

Set, Staging & Environment:
Full design and build service: Business meetings, product reveals, live bands and gala dinners with integrated lighting design and sound systems. Registration desks, cybercafes and wifi lounges and venue signage.

Projection and Camera Systems:
Data and video projection: Standard definition, HD and ultra-widescreen solutions. Multi-camera systems, speaker confidence monitors and autoprompt systems. Video relay to registration, breakouts, exhibition and catering areas.

Audience Response:
Wireless handset systems: Voting, audience interaction, live messaging, workshop feedback and quizzes. Database driven delegate registration and speaker queue management.

TV and Webcasting:
Camera platforms and feeds for visiting news media, outside broadcast units and satellite link-ups. Live webcasting and event archiving.

PWP's designers, construction teams, technicians and operators are all experienced industry professionals. Effective production management and careful timetabling mean smooth get-ins and structured rehearsals giving in-house presenters, guest speakers and entertainers the confidence they need to deliver.

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